The parade is still on!

The Milford St. Patrick's Day Parade will take place Saturday, March 9, kicking off at 1 p.m., despite Friday's snow.

Organizers and city officials contemplated postponing the parade, but as snow began to taper off at 1:30 p.m. Friday, they decided to go ahead and stick to the schedule.

"The parade is still on," said Linda Hardiman, one of the parade organizers.

Hardiman said the city's public works department has pledged to have the downtown streets clear of snow for the annual parade, which usually attracts thousands of people.

Of course, the downtown green and other standing areas may have some snow, unless it melts by tomorrow. So parade-goers may want to grab some snow boots before they head out, she said.

The parade will step off at 1 p.m. from the Parsons Complex, and travel past City Hall toward the Broad Street Green. It will end just past the gazebo near the end of the green.

Many marching units are scheduled to take part, including bands, civic groups, politicians, groups with floats and more.