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Dear Everyone,

Here are the questions from my last column. If you didn’t read it you are in big trouble. What kind of a role model is water for all of us? How does it defy the laws of physics in a way no other liquid does? When Nicodemus asked Jesus how he could be born again, as a grown man who couldn’t fit back in his mother’s womb, why did Jesus respond, “We are water and spirit.”

I became truly interested in water one day while walking the dogs and seeing water in its many forms, including a stream bouncing over many rocks. I realized that water never complains, even when it hits a rock or crashes into the beach. Instead the sounds help us to relax.

Water can also be a liquid, solid or vapor depending on the circumstances. I realized it was a wonderful role model which was letting us know we are capable of change too and have the ability to overcome personal difficulties. Yes, like water we can be destructive too. We have those choices also and can protect life as ice or end a drought with gentle rain rather than have a cold heart or become a destructive tsunami or flood.

Water also tells me our creator cares about us. Every liquid becomes denser, heavier and sinks when you freeze it. But when you freeze water the ice floats. So life is protected by ice. If the oceans and lakes froze from the bottom up it would eliminate the life residing beneath the surface.

When I came across Jesus’ statement it also said to me we are made of body and spirit but our body is not limited in what it can accomplish. And just as water has great potential for change and survival so do we. So next time you have a problem instead of WWLD or what would lassie do, ask WWWD, or what would water do.

I can recall a dying teenager who used a water gun, while in the hospital, to let people know when they intruded into his room. He would squirt anyone who walked in when he had closed the door for privacy. The staff understood it was his way of expressing his appropriate anger, or righteous indignation, without hurting anyone. When the boy died the gun became a gift to other kids from the boy’s mom and the intern.

I also mentioned I would discuss some spiritual experiences I have had in the next few columns. Years ago I had no belief in guided imagery but while attending a workshop, during an imagery session, the person leading the group looked at me. I was sitting with my eyes open waiting for the next event but when he looked at me I thought I’d close my eyes to make him think I was doing it.

I am an artist and very visual and when I closed my eyes the experience was amazing. One of the things that happened was my meeting my inner guide, George. I expected a classier person to show up but there he was. From then on I would chat with him during meditations and he was very helpful.

Years later while speaking at Mercy Center, in Madison, I noticed that the lecture I was giving was not the one I had planned. However, it seemed better than mine so I stopped fighting it. When I was done I was told that my talk was better than usual and a woman walked up to me and said, “Standing in front of you for the entire lecture was a man so I drew his picture for you.” Boom! She handed me a picture of George.

I had also drawn his picture in a scene for Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and there he was. Several years later, again at Mercy Center, after speaking at a Sunday funeral service of a friend I was standing alone in a hallway when a mystic friend came over and asked me if I were Jewish. “Why are you asking; because I spoke at a Sunday service?”

“No, I am asking because there are two rabbis standing next to you.” Her description of them was exactly like George with his beard, gown and prayer cap. So I live by and believe in what I experience and do not fail to accept what I cannot explain and limit my beliefs.

I hear voices at times, have received and been given messages from the dead by mystics and do believe in the consciousness of those who have died being something we are aware of and call past lives. Hey, blind people see when they have near death experiences. Go explain that. This column could turn into a book if I don’t stop now and share some more experiences with you in the next issue. But I will share one more story because it can be verified.

A few years ago I wrote a book called Buddy’s Candle to help people cope with the loss of a loved one. After finishing the book I took our dog Furphy out for a walk. As we were starting down the driveway a voice said to me, “Go to the animal shelter.” So back we go, get into the car and drive to the shelter, a place I frequently visit. As we walked in I didn’t greet anyone as I normally do because the voice spoke through me to a woman sitting by the door with a dog in her lap, “What’s his name?”

“His name is Buddy. He’s been here less than 15 minutes. A woman brought him in because she didn’t like his behavior.”

“I’m here to take him home.” And I did and he is family. It never occurred to me to ask about his behavior or anything else because I was sent to rescue him. I’ll share some more stuff next time unless I get edited out by non-believers.

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Bernie Siegel, MD