Blizzard of '05

The Town of Bethany's Road Crew did a terrific job keeping our roads drivable during the weekend blizzard. Anyone stuck on State of Connecticut cleared Route 63 during Jan. 10 snow/freezing rain event knows that the town roads are always in better shape than the state roads.

However, with the rapid accumulation of snow and the high winds causing drifting, this storm presented special challenges. I would like to recognize the efforts of Cliff Rosson, Director of Public Works and his staff; Ray Bunton, Tony Chiarleglio, Mickey Dzikis, Brian Howard, Keith Johnstone, Peter Schlipp and Jeff Staltman who worked throughout the storm oftentimes during white-out conditions. Doug Grom and Chris Hungerford were "deputized" by Cliff and also helped to keep our roads clear.

The efforts of the Road Crew were made more challenging by residents leaving their cars on the street and private contractors plowing driveway snow onto the town roads. Resident Trooper Dave Merriam worked a double shift during the storm to assist in enforcing these restrictions.

Update-Amity Junior High School Building Project

While the modulars are almost complete, building officials were not able to issue the Certificates of Occupancy at the final inspection on Thursday, Jan. 20. Most details were completed by Saturday. At this point, we are only waiting for the results of the water tests to issue the Certificates of Occupancy. The recently re-scheduled date of Jan. 31 for the seventh and eighth grades' move into the new modulars should be met.