The Whale Tea opens location in Milford

MILFORD — Fans of bubble tea in the city can rejoice. The Whale Tea, originally from Nanjing, Singapore, with some 300 locations in China, now calls Milford home.

With Connecticut locations in Stamford, Fairfield and New Haven, May Lin, The Whale Tea USA franchisee targeted Milford for its spot in between the two major cities as well as its family friendly reputation.

“We choose this because it’s a great location,” Lin said about the new Cherry Street bubble tea shop, “and Milford is a great family city as well.”

When customers went to the Connecticut locations, Lin said they asked why there wasn’t one in Milford because they either lived there or was closer to them.

“With these new locations, we can get customers from Bridgeport, so they don’t have to go all the way up to New Haven or down to Fairfield,” she said. “It’s also a convenient place.”

The Whale Tea already held a soft opening on Sunday, with their grand opening scheduled for New Year’s Day, Jan. 1.

“We are running promotions at the Milford location like buy two get one free so customers can come in and get to know us,” said Lin.

So far, Lin said the traffic experienced at the store is steady. They have gotten new customers, but most of those who have come into the store are people who know their product.

“We have a good customer base at the other stores, and we knew when we opened the location in Milford, they were going to stop by,” she said. “At the Milford location, the first day we were open, we only received five orders, but on Monday, we received 20 orders, so it has gotten better and better.”

The Whale Tea has more than 300 stores in China. They also have stores in Singapore as well as Malaysia. Lin said they use fresh ingredients to make their boba tea.

“We don’t use any of the powder stuff, which makes it sticky, and after drinking, it makes you thirsty,” said Lin. “For our stuff, we use natural ingredients. We just use the milk, cream, chai and the fresh fruit.”

Lin said The Whale Tea has become increasingly popular in Connecticut, especially among families.

“Our design and layout in New Haven and our UConn locations are aimed at the student population of those areas,” she said. “Here in Milford, since it’s more residential, we are making it more of a family atmosphere. We are excited about the Milford location.”