The Drive at 12:30: Journey from abandonment, struggle to helping others

On Tuesday, June 20, Denise DiGrigoli is joined by Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville who shares her incredible life story and her work to inspire others.

Dr. Martin-Neville was born an illegitimate child of a young Irish Catholic girl, she was abandoned at the hospital and sent to an orphanage. She later became a therapist and now works to help others. 

Watch the show below:

Growing up, Dr. Martin-Neville became a Catholic nun, attended college and pursued a career in social work. With a desire to see more of the world, she traded her nun’s habit for an airline stewardess uniform, and traveled over a million miles across the globe.

Later in life, as a mother and divorcee, she went back to school and earned her Ph.D and began working as a therapist and forming an energy medicine school.

Earlier in the show, Denise offers her Mindful Minute of advice.