The Drive: The joy of finding the job you love with Project Job Search

This week, Sept. 13, Denise welcomes Project: Job Search Director of Programming, Dr. Leonaura Rhodes and Nick Mitrakis, co-founder and partner in Project Job Search, are on The Drive. They give insight on finding a job you love. Watch the show below:

Project: Job Search is a career services solution created for alumni associations and professional networking organizations.

The happiness literature has identified one of the most deeply satisfying human psychological states to be one called “flow.” It occurs when you are so immersed in an activity that you lose track of the passage of time. If you can land a job that enables you to experience substantial periods of flow, you will benefit beyond a simple paycheck.

On this week’s show, learn how to cut through the chaos of all the demands we put on ourselves to be this or that and find our calling while investigating a new online resource that will bring you there more authentically.