Tax payments due: Interest charged if paid after Aug. 1

Tax bills for all motor vehicles, personal property and real estate/sewer usage on the Milford Grand List of Oct. 1, 2016 have been mailed out, and are due and payable July 1, according to the tax collector’s office.

The last day to pay the tax bill without interest is Aug. 1.

Any bill over $200 may be split into two equal payments, the first half due July 1 and the second half due Jan. 1, 2018. Anyone paying in two installments must retain two copies of their bill for use in January 2018, as no additional mailing will be sent at that time.

The tax collector urges taxpayers to read their bills carefully. If a “D” precedes the list number, the resident should call the tax office at 203-783-3217 before mailing payment. This indicates there may be back taxes due. By law, any payments received will be applied to the oldest outstanding tax obligation.

“If you do not receive a bill for a vehicle owned on Oct. 1, 2016, are a new owner of recently purchased real estate, or have paid off a mortgage, please call the office,” tax officials said in a press release. “Failure to receive a bill does not exempt the tax or interest charges that may occur on an unpaid bill. Taxpayers are also reminded that real estate tax bills must be paid in order to apply for building permits.”

Any bill that has not been paid or postmarked by Aug. 1, will incur the state mandated interest charge of 1.5% per month, calculated from the original due date of July 1. Minimum interest is $2.

Questions regarding assessments or vehicles sold after Oct. 1, 2016 should be directed to the assessor’s office at 203-783-3215.

Payment can be made by mail or online. One copy of each bill should accompany payment by mail. If a receipt is requested, residents should mail in a self-addressed stamped envelope with payment, along with all copies of the bill to: Milford Tax Collectors Office, 70 West River St, PO Box 3025, Milford CT 06460.

Online payments can be made at

Office hours are 8:30 to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.