Suspicious package deemed harmless

Despite fear over a suspicious white powder found in a package delivered to the Milford Health Department Thursday, authorities say the substance turned out to be absorbent packing material.
At about 1:10 p.m., Milford Fire dispatch received a call reporting a package containing a suspicious white powder that was delivered to the Milford Health Department and opened by an employee. A white powdery substance was loosely in the box along with an item that was ordered, firefighters said.
Milford firefighters, along with their HAZ-MAT Unit, Milford Police, State Police and DEEP all responded to the scene. Five health department employees were exposed to the substance and quarantined inside of the structure while the remaining workers exited the rear of the building. HAZ-MAT technicians entered the building to identify the substance.
The powder was found to be an absorbent material used in the packaging of electronic equipment and not deemed as a hazard. All health department employees were allowed back into the building.
Fire officials said the health department did the right thing by calling to report the substance.
"Although this package was expected, any type of suspicious package, or one that contains an unknown substance, should be immediately reported by calling 911," fire officials said.