'Suspicious encounter' not so suspicious after all

Update: Milford Police have determined that an incident at a school bus stop Thursday was not 'suspicious' in nature.

The Milford Police Department received a complaint of what they initially called a 'suspicious encounter' that occurred Thursday morning shortly before 9 a.m. at an elementary school bus stop at the corner of Bridgeport Avenue and Ellis Street.

According to the information received, a man who was walking west on Bridgeport Avenue stopped and spoke with  girls at the bus stop and then left, walking east on Bridgeport Avenue out of their view.

There was nothing inappropriate said during the conversation, police said. However, the elementary school aged girls felt uncomfortable about the contact. The man was described as being white and wearing sweatpants and a blue sweatshirt, with a medium build and in his mid fifties.

After arriving at school, the girls reported the encounter to school officials and police were contacted to investigate.

Police located and interviewed the man and determined there was no criminal intent and that he lives in the area, police said.