Suspect Chris Plaskon may not be arraigned Monday

Chris Plaskon, the 16-year-old boy who allegedly stabbed Maren Sanchez to death at Jonathan Law High School Friday, may not be arraigned Monday, according to reports in the New York Times.

Although local police had said the young man would be arraigned as a juvenile on a charge of murder on Monday, the Times reports that he may be held in a medical facility for up to two weeks before facing arraignment.

Police have not released the young man’s name because he is a juvenile, though friends and witnesses have identified him as Chris Plaskon.

Attorney Richard Meehan, who is representing the alleged attacker, said he cannot release the name either.

“We are not confirming the identity due to constraints of juvenile laws,” Meehan said. “Our client is under a 15-day emergency commitment and will not be in court Monday.”

Residents have been mourning not only the tragic death of a popular and successful young woman, they’ve also been mourning the tragedy that surrounds the plight of the young man whom student witnesses say stabbed her with a knife Friday morning.

Chris comes from a family of athletes long involved with Jonathan Law High School. The Plaskon family is well respected, friends say, for their involvement in the school and the community.