Sunday's Leprechaun Leap raises more than $10,000

This year’s Leprechaun Leap raised $10,700 to support literacy.

It was a cold day Sunday, with water temperatures at 37.5 degrees, but participants plunged into Long Island Sound at Walnut Beach for the cause.

There were 57 leapers in all, plus a beach full of spectators.

James and Lynette Hanrahan from New Milford were among the participants, making the leap in honor of their 23rd wedding anniversary. The couple even staged a fake wedding ceremony at the beach before jumping in.

“We like to do something different on our anniversary,” said Lynette after emerging from the frigid water. “And this was for a good cause.”

“And they’re crazy,” joked Dan Stra, who dressed as a minister, but is not a minister, to perform the fake wedding ceremony.

Funds raised through the leap support the Literacy Volunteers of Southern Connecticut.