Students do their part and take action

WOODBRIDGE-When Diane King spoke to her third grade class about what it means to be good citizens, the students took what she was said to heart.

During Earth Week the nine-year old Beecher School students planted trees to help the environment and noticed all the litter strewn in the streets. They started discussing what causes the mess, how it can be prevented and what they should do about it. They decided to start talking about taking pride in their community and doing something to make it better.

King approached First Selectman Roger Harrison who liked the idea and brought it to the board of selectmen for approval. And so, the week of June 19 became clean-up week.

In an effort to publicize the event, class members wrote letters urging friends, parents and residents to participate. What follows are sample of those letters.

Hanna Honorof wrote, "The week of June 22 is Clean-Up week. On this week we should clean up Woodbridge. Things such as bottles, nets, and helium balloons can kill animals. Glass and cigarette butts can kill us. Car gases can also kill us because they take away ozone which protects us from the poisonous ways of the sun. Cleaning up litter can also make our town beautiful. If enough people participate every week will be clean-up week!"

Blaine Verinis wrote, "Lets get together the week of June 22, clean up week. You should pick up litter, and plant trees, and flowers. You should grow gardens to make our town Woodbridge look healthier and beautiful. If you litter animals can think that it is food and choke or even die.

On June 2, there was a storm and twigs fell and leaves are piling up day by day."

Skylar Robinson wrote, "Please help! Woodbridge is filled with trash. Help clean-up Woodbridge on the week of June 22 please, or the beauty of Woodbridge will disappear. Help by cleaning your street. If you help remember to wear gloves and boots. Get as many people to help as you can. Thank you."

Marco Massaro and Brandon Silver wrote, "Litter is ruining our town. On June 13, Mrs King's class started putting up signs to help stop litter in Woodbridge. People in Mrs. King's class have been complaining that people that go by their house and throw cigarettes and other stuff on their lawns like wrappers and milk bottles, Pepsi cans and Pepsi bottles. The week of June 22 will be a clean-up week in Woodbridge so our town will be clean. Star cleaning!"

Jocelyn Jezierny wrote, "You can help by planting trees and flowers and cleaning-up garbage along your roads.

Woodbridge clean-up day is during the week of June 22. Our teacher, Mrs. King sent a note to all of the selectmen about clean-up day because our town is starting to get kind of messy. The selectmen thought that her idea was brilliant.

On clean-up day we will not pollute. Instead, we will help save our environment."

Ivana Zakoworotny wrote, "I will talk with you about litter. If you have some time today pick-up some litter. It will help your town look more beautiful and pretty. You could also pick up sticks and branches from storms. I also want to tell you the week of June 22 is pick up litter week. Please join in and clean."

Mary-Kay Luciani wrote, "Stop littering. Because it is ruining the beauty of Woodbridge. If you are interested, you can help clean Woodbridge on June 22. If you don't want to pick up trash, instead you can plant trees and flowers to make our town more beautiful. Woodbridge is doing this for a reason. The reason is that some people throw garbage on the side of the roads, on lawns and everywhere they went, instead of recycling or throwing it away in their garbage can. This started when my teacher talked to Mr. Harrison the first selectman about a clean-up week and Mt. Harrison said yeas."

Henry Schaffer wrote, "On June 22, Mrs. King's third grade class is helping clean-up Woodbridge and make it a better place to live and visit. The only way they could clean Woodbridge is for other people to pitch-in and help by cleaning their street. Another way to help is not to litter."

Caralyn Barrett wrote, "I am asking my school classmates if trash has been dropped on their roads, and almost everyone in my class said "Yes," to the question. My very good friend Jennifer Goldberg has to clean up her yard almost everyday.

Amity Road and Ansonia Road are just some of the trashy roads in Woodbridge.

My teacher talked to our First selectman. Then she wrote letter to all of the selectmen and she suggested we have a Woodbridge Clean-Up Day. They agreed and set the week of June 22.

If you want to participate in this event, all you have to do is plant flowers, clean streets, car pool with friends, and don't pollute on the week of June 22."

Asher Brandt wrote, "Help clean-up Woodbridge and Orange so that the environment stays clean, and so we don't kill more animals. If a person throws a balloon in the air, a bird could eat the balloon and die. Also, a bird could find a cigarette on the grass and eat it and die."