State rep wants licensing for all pet boarding businesses

State Rep. Kim Rose (D-Milford), testified before the legislature’s Environment Committee in support of legislation she is championing to hold pet boarding businesses accountable for the services they provide.
H.B. 5729 would require anyone that advertises the services of a pet boarding business to publish their Connecticut license number in all related advertising.
Rose said, “Every day thousands of individuals advertise services for pet boarding, when in fact, most of these advertisers are providing services from their homes. Not only is this practice hurting legitimate businesses, but it also opens up the question of insurance and responsibilities as well as many other concerns.”
If approved the measure will not only help the existing licensed businesses in the state, but will also protect consumers knowing that they are hiring the services of a licensed facility.
“I have heard the concerns from many constituents who have fallen victims of unlicensed facilities,” Rep. Rose said. “We need to hold these individuals accountable for their services.”