State rep touts completed bus shelter

State Representative Kim Rose (D-Milford) said in a press release that she is pleased to see a bus shelter for Route 1 in Milford's Devon section complete and available for commuters.

The project, a collaboration of Milford's Transit District and city officials, had been in the planning stage for more than two years. The shelter sits across from the Kmart shopping plaza.

"The completion of the bus shelter is good news for daily bus commuters," Rose said. "We had been working together with the city and dealing with the logistics involved with planning and construction during the last several months and I am delighted to see it finished, particularly during this busy holiday season."

The bus route serves more than 100,000 riders each month between Milford and Norwalk.

Rose noted this is a significant accomplishment given the looming cold temperatures and the increased number of travelers doing their shopping in the area and visiting friends and relatives.

"Prior to the bus shelter riders would prop shopping carriages on their sides to sit on in front of the tennis club. The bus shelter is more comfortable, neater, safer, and a convenient place to wait for the bus," Rose said.