State officials discuss budget impact on Milford Hospital

State Senator Gayle Slossberg (D) will be the featured speaker during a special forum for Milford Hospital board of directors, corporators and leadership on Wednesday to discuss the state budget’s impact on Milford Hospital and other small hospitals in the state.

According to state Rep. Kim Rose (D) Governor Malloy's office announced recently that $14.1 million in funding will be restored to Connecticut's small hospitals. Last month, the Office of Policy and Management announced $102 million in rescissions, most of that funding being cut from Connecticut's hospitals.

“With massive differences between large hospitals and small ones in profit margins — differences of hundreds of millions of dollars annually — OPM is taking action to support six small hospitals,” Rose’s press release states. It notes that  $736,870 of the original $1,023,158 funding that was slated to be cut will be restored to Milford Hospital.

"This is welcome news for Milford," Rose said. "Restoring critical funding to our local hospital is essential to keep providing the quality care that our residents rely on. In the midst of the difficult ongoing budget deliberations, I appreciate Governor Malloy's action to restore and mitigate most of the funds that were slated to be cut for Milford Hospital. I will continue to advocate on behalf of my constituents to fully restore this vital funding."

State Rep. Pam Staneski (R) also praised the restoration of funds, calling the initial cuts “irresponsible.”

“While I am happy he realized the error of his ways today the question remains what is his long-term budget plan,” Staneski said in a press release. “Every couple months our state hospitals are threatened with additional cuts, when does it end? Keep in mind we are only three months into the fiscal year. The current state budget process is broken and we need to fix it.

I continue to join with my House and Senate Republican colleagues in calling for a legislative special session to address the current and projected future state budget deficit.”