State funds will help build historic walkway in Milford

The state will give Milford $300,000 to pay for a historic walkway to help celebrate the city’s 375th anniversary.

The Founders’ Walk plan calls for the replacement of an abandoned road alongside Milford Harbor with a landscaped walkway that will include history kiosks, tables, a veterans’ memorial wall, landscaping and related environmental improvements.

The site is where the original settlers of Milford landed, state officials said.

The bonding was approved by the State Bond Commission at its meeting on Friday, March 28 in the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

State Rep. James Maroney, Kim Rose and Paul Davis and Senator Gayle S. Slossberg, who represent Milford in the General Assembly, released information about the funding shortly after the meeting Friday.

Founders’ Walk is one of the projects borne out of the 375th Anniversary Committee, created by the Milford Board of Aldermen, to celebrate the 375th anniversary of Milford’s founding.

“Connecticut is a state that has a rich historical heritage,” said Governor Dannel Malloy. “I’m proud that the state can partner with local communities on projects like this that bring our history to life. Founders’ Walk will be a destination in Milford, one that will be enjoyed by generations of Milford residents.”

“The Founders’ Walk and veterans’ memorial wall will be lasting markers to educate generations to come about our city’s history,” said Sen. Slossberg. “I wish to thank Governor Malloy for supporting this project as we continue to celebrate Milford’s 375th anniversary.”

Bob Gregory, chairman of the 375th anniversary committee, said the funding will be turned into a great gift for the city.

“Each celebration committee has left something of significance to Milford and this will be the 375th’s resounding gift of history,” Gregory said.