State Rep. Kim Rose recovering from cancer surgery

State Rep. Kim Rose recently had cancer surgery, and is asking her constituents to understand her absence from legislative meetings and votes.

“I underwent robotic cancer surgery last Thursday at Yale Smilow Center,” Rose said in a prepared statement. “The surgery was a success and I'm getting stronger every day. I am homebound on medical leave until my team releases me.”

She said she takes her job as state representative of the 118th District very seriously and wishes she did not have to miss legislative business.

“I am in contact with my office every day and all of your issues, questions, and concerns will be handled in the same timely professional manner as they have been in the past,” she said.

“This brings me to yesterday’s gun legislation vote,” Rose said. “Unfortunately, I am not allowed to travel and missed this vote, and I anticipate missing others in the coming weeks. It is at times like these that I wish there was a mechanism in place that would allow me to vote remotely.”

Rose said she is reviewing the gun bill that was voted on and feels it is not adequate.

“I appreciate the bipartisan efforts of our leadership to draft legislation that addresses much of what has been discussed over the last several weeks,” Rose said. “However, this bill fell short of what I expected."

She is urging her constituents to stay in touch with her at 860-240-0272 or by email, or Facebook,

Residents also can sign up for her email list at

“I look forward to a speedy recovery, and I thank you in advance to your understanding,” she said in a prepared statement.