In the New Haven Register, Nov. 19, “Split Senate Raises Questions”

The state of Connecticut is a wonderful place to live. The trees, the Sound, the rolling hills and aesthetic appearance of small towns are all wonderful. However, for some time now it seems that our government is out of control.

Everyone is complaining about the poor financial condition of our state. How did it get that way? The Democrats have been the majority party in the state Senate for more than 100 years (since 1893) while we have had both Democratic and Republican governors lead us over the years.

I would strongly urge state Sen. Martin Looney and the Democrats to negotiate with state Sen. Len Fasano and the Republicans, and give up some substance in the final sharing of the Senate leadership. If he does not, I suspect that this state will have both a Republican House and Senate, and a Republican governor in the not too distant future. All he has to do is look at the election results for our state and the national election.

People are not happy with how government has performed and should there not be a satisfactory resolution of this problem, people will change the government.

Democrats, take heed.

— Dr. Sheldon Natkin Woodbridge

The residents have spoken.

We showed up in droves to reject the Toll Brothers offer this fall. We voiced our concerns over the development. We told the Board of Selectmen our ideas, our desires.

Redan offered the perfect compromise between the town’s need for money and the townspeople’s desire for open space. It was the perfect solution, in a timely matter.

Clearly, the first selectman has her own agenda and will stop at nothing to make sure she gets what she wants.

I read the email exchange between the first selectman and Roland Betts of Redan Reserve. I was appalled at the disrespectful nature in which she addressed him and the potential deal that could unfold. The Redan Reserve deal would’ve given the town $3.5 million, kept the zoning laws in effect, and kept the beauty of open space alive in the town.

Over 300 residents turned out to the meeting and the Board responded to their constituents’ needs and desires: to table the Toll Brothers offer and move forward with other popular options.

The first selectman could have sealed the deal with Redan at the same time as the Woodbridge Country Club closed its doors. Unfortunately, that is not going to be the end result. Instead, the WCC will close as of 12/31 and there will be a whole lot of nothing going on. A potential eyesore for the immediate residents. All with the undermining hope that residents decide that development is better than a rotting old golf course.

Shame on you.

The Board of Selectmen need to step up and over the first selectman’s deceit and sabotage and do what is right for the townspeople of Woodbridge. Please circle back to Redan Reserves, mend the relationship with Betts, and move forward with a partnership with Yale. It’s a win-win situation: the town gets money, the residents get to keep open space, and the zoning laws stay in place.

Please listen to your constituents and stop trying to force us to choose development by way of “no other option.”

— Katie and Jim McGonigal