Staneski to challenge incumbent, Maroney, for 119th district seat

Pam Staneski was unanimously endorsed by her party to run as the Republican candidate for the 119th State Representative District, and incumbent Democrat James Maroney received his party’s backing to run for a second term for the 119th seat.


“I am honored by the unanimous support of the Milford and Orange delegates tonight,” Staneski said after her party’s convention last week. “It’s time we change course and give people more efficient state government.”

Staneski served four terms on the Milford school board, and one term as an alderman. She has served Milford over the years through her work with various non-profits including Milford’s Promise and United Way of Milford.

Co-founder of the Milford Prevention Council, Staneski has been active the last two years in fighting the rollback of drug-free zones at schools and daycare centers, as well as stopping a proposed marijuana distribution center from opening near a school.

“I am running for state House to protect the quality of life for our people, and the future for our children and grandchildren,” she said. “Regrettably, I was not surprised by the latest Gallup poll that revealed 49% of Connecticut residents would leave the state if they could. I have spoken to seniors who can’t afford to retire here, to residents who are concerned about the ever-increasing cost of living in Connecticut, to young people who can’t find work here. The Democrats’ formula has failed them all.”

She said Democrats over the past 10 years have continually increased state spending, borrowing and taxes.

“Things have gotten even worse during the two years of James Maroney’s term in Hartford, with the passage of the largest tax increase in our history,” Staneski said.

“Last week, the governor and his Democratic majority, including James Maroney, passed a gimmick-laden budget which raided state transportation funds needed for our rail and road maintenance and leaves a $3 billion hole that all of us will ultimately have to pay for.”

She said she would fight legislation that harms the economy and inhibits job creation, and she said she would fight waste in the state government if elected.


This week, Maroney received unanimous support from the Milford and Orange Democratic Town Committees to run for a second term.

Having recently completed his fundraising and qualified for a Citizens Election Program grant, Maroney is excited to hit the ground running and continue walking door-to-door and meeting with constituents.

“I have worked hard for our communities to justify the faith that the voters showed in me two years ago,” Maroney said. “I pledge to continue that hard work if reelected, because the honor of representing our great communities in Hartford is one that must be earned. I have a record of advocacy and accomplishment for the people of Milford and Orange.”

Maroney was nominated and seconded by Greta Stanford and Mike Smith respectively, both of Milford. Stanford said, “It is my honor and privilege to nominate, for his second term in office for the 119th State Representative district, the ever nice and ever popular James Maroney.”

Smith said Maroney is one of the hardest working and most dedicated legislators.

“James has been working around the clock since day one,” Smith said. “He has spent countless hours walking door-to-door and calling constituents – and all while managing the demands of legislative session, attending to the operation of his small business and making time for his family. With his work ethic, dedication and intelligence, he embodies the ideal legislator.”

Maroney served on Milford’s Board of Education before becoming a state representative. He owns a Milford-based business, First Choice College Placement.

Continuing to restore the economy, working to make Connecticut a more business-friendly state and bringing high-wage jobs to Milford and Orange are the pillars of Maroney’s 2014 reelection campaign, his campaign committee said.

“I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to run for a second term representing the residents of Milford and Orange," Maroney said. "I’m proud of the work we have done to get Connecticut’s economy back on track, and I look forward to continuing to make great progress. As a small business owner, I know firsthand just how important a full economic recovery is to our state and our citizens, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that Connecticut is once again a prosperous and business-friendly state.”

The 119th

The 119th state district seat was long held by Democrat Richard Roy of Woodmont. Roy did not run for reelection two years ago after district lines were redrawn and he no longer lived in the 119th district.