Staneski and Ferraro, new legislators, sworn in to State Rep seats

Balancing the state budget without hurting struggling families with additional tax increases and promoting pro-job growth proposals in Connecticut are the top priorities for new Republican State Reps. Pam Staneski and Charles Ferraro, two new state representatives who were sworn in today as state representatives in the General Assembly for the 119th and 117th respectively.

Staneski and Ferraro were among 19 freshman Republican legislators who vowed to serve their districts over a two-year term. Both legislators were buoyed by Governor Dannel Malloy’s inaugural address and his words about working together across party lines to pass meaningful legislation.

“People in the towns I represent placed tremendous faith in me on Election Day, and it’s an honor I take seriously,” Staneski said. “Our state faces significant challenges, but in those hurdles I see opportunity—a chance to restructure state government in a way that will create lasting financial stability. Today, I am hopeful we can fix our state.”

Ferraro said increasing the tax burden on people and businesses is not wise at a time when helping businesses create jobs is such a high priority.

“We need to change the perception that Connecticut is unfriendly to businesses large and small,” Ferraro said. “We need to make Connecticut a desirable place to do business because by enabling our state's businesses to run profitably while unencumbered by excessive taxes and regulations we will be able to create more jobs and opportunities for our residents. If it is too costly to run a business in one state, it is very easy to move to another one.”

Staneski won the November race against incumbent James Maroney (D) in the 119th district, and Ferraro beat incumbent Paul Davis (D) in the 117th district.