Staff extinguishes fire at Platt Street rehab facility

The staff at a local rehabilitation center put out a fire Thursday inside a light fixture of a patient’s room. Local firefighters arrived on the scene and found no other sign of fire inside the building.

The Milford Fire Department responded to the call about a possible building fire shortly after noon at Milford Health & Rehabilitation Center, located at 195 Platt Street.

The first arriving units were informed by the staff that a fire was discovered coming from a light fixture in a patient’s room. The staff had followed its emergency policy by using portable fire extinguishers to put the fire out, isolating nearby patients to a separate part of the building and closing all doors to prevent any spread of smoke.

The fire department crews checked the interior of the walls using thermal imaging cameras for any extension of the fire and none was found.

“Our medical units went on to check the patients in that area and the staff for any medical complaints from exposure to the smoke and the powder from the extinguishers,” said Greg Carman, fire department training officer. “All occupants were cleared of medical problems and no one was treated either on scene or transported to the hospital. Fire crews further monitored the air quality of the area and found it to be clear of carbon monoxide or other toxic gases. The patient of the room involved was at lunch during the incident and was also unharmed.”

The fire marshal’s office is investigating for the cause of the fire.