Staff advances at Boys & Girls Village

Boys & Girls Village (BGV) has advanced two key staff members in the permanency services division, and has promoted a staff member to the role of vice principal of the Charles F. Hayden School.

Carra Conlan, a resident of North Haven, has been promoted to vice president of community services, a new staff position. She was promoted from serving as director of permanency services for the past three years, and now oversees all community-based services.

Hamden resident Yvette Wooten steps into the position of managing the Therapeutic Foster Care Program (TFC), after serving for several years as the therapeutic foster care recruitment and training manager.

Meriden resident Vincent Lindsley has been promoted to assistant principal of the Charles F. Hayden School, after serving for two years working in daily programming and curriculum.

According to Chief Operating Officer Kim Shaunesey, “Carra has a long tenure with the agency. She has shown herself to be adept at managing clinical and program issues, using data and our electronic health record to move programs forward, and possesses excellent RFP writing abilities.”

Conlan started with the agency as a line staff over 16 years ago. She has increasingly demonstrated her expertise and knowledge as she has moved up from manager to director — and now to VP — and taken on a wider scope of responsibility, Shaunesey said. She is well respected in the community for her knowledge and willingness to collaborate effectively with other resources.

Wooten, on staff at BGV for 13 years, is moving into the position of managing the Therapeutic Foster Care Program (TFC). According to Dr. Shaunesey, “Yvette has been an amazing and talented recruiter for BGV. She connects so well with the foster parents and the youth she works with; her experience is invaluable to the program. Yvette has consistently been a strong presence for the program staff as well. We are confident that she will step into the role of program manager without missing a beat.”

Both Conlan and Wooten said they flourish working in an environment that houses a culture of open-door support with leadership, allowing growth and success. They also cited the agency’s flexibility to allow them to think creatively and globally.

Lindsley is a military veteran, and has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. He has been on staff at BGV for two years, with a solid physical education background. Prior to his promotion to assistant principal of Charles F. Hayden School, he worked to develop and implement a one-of-a-kind physical education program designed to meet the unique needs of the school’s students. The program uses data driven assessment, planning, and individualized special education instruction. He recently received his sixth year diploma in educational leadership, along with working on a second master’s degree in the field of education.

According to Principal Jon Oddo, “Vincent has been an asset to the Hayden School since his arrival two year ago. He brings his wealth of knowledge and experience working with our student population, as well as provides an excellent model for teachers regarding classroom management, lesson planning and curriculum development.”

For 73 years, Boys & Girls Village, Inc. has been one of Connecticut’s leading providers of behavioral health, special education, and permanency planning services for at-risk youth and their families.