St. John’s Lutheran student organizes STEM projects

St. John’s Lutheran School has participated in Saginaw Valley State University's Chief Science Officer Program for many years. One or two students in grades six through eighth are chosen each year to represent St. John’s at a consortium of middle and high school students from schools in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

They meet a few times a year with business leaders to enrich middle and high school STEM culture and career awareness. They also explore new ways to bring science-technology-engineering-math (STEM) education back to the students at their schools.

In years past, the St. John’s CSO representatives have aided the science teachers in hosting an after-school stemmie program. They helped design hands-on activities to engage the students in a specific principal of science. However, this year most extra-curricular activities where students had to mingle were halted due to COVID restrictions.

But one ambitious sixth grader thought the stemmie program was too important to miss, and also very fun. Sixth-grader Hayden Rozewski is St. John’s 2020-2021 Chief Science Officer. Together with his parents, Chuck and Stephanie Rozewski, they developed and produced five at-home STEM projects. Students in grades one through sixth who elected to participate in this optional home learning activity were given a bag of supplies each Monday for five weeks. It included the parts necessary to complete the project at home, as well as an instruction sheet.

Of course, sometimes it is easier to learn by watching, so Hayden went one step further and recorded a video each week with a demonstration and explanation. These were posted each week on the school website so parents and students could watch them together while completing their cool science project at home. The five projects included making a lava lamp; building a bridge; building a crane; making an egg-drop container; and building a motorized car. All of the kits were provided to students at no cost to them. In addition to the fun from the hands-on activity, the students learned an important science concept associated with each project. You can read more about the STEM projects and view the instructional videos on their website at

St. John’s Lutheran School offers classes for students in Kindergarten through grade 8, as well as Preschool for children ages 3, 4, and a Young 5s program. For more information, visit their website or contact the school office at 989-835-7041 to arrange a personal tour of the school.