Specific Chiropractic opens in Milford

Dr. Kyle Floryan, a Connecticut native recently opened Specific Chiropractic located at 100 Lansdale Ave., Unit M, in Milford. Floryan focuses on the spine and its relationship with the brain, nerves, and nervous system.

Several digital measurements are taken and a laser-guided maze is done to test the connection between the spine and the brain. Autonomic Nervous System testing is done to get a baseline of how well the automatic processes (such as digestion, breathing, heart rate) are functioning from a nerve perspective. This data is then coupled with precise digital structural radiographs to combine structure and function between the spine and nervous system. All of this is done after a 1-on-1 sit down conversation with Dr. Floryan.

“What we want to be is a beacon of health in the community,” said Floryan. “The way that we do that is by achieving excellent patient results, and coupling that with a place that people actually enjoy to go to in order to restore and maintain their health.”

Common issues that Floryan sees are dizziness/vertigo, migraines, headaches, balance issues, numbness/tingling, concussion-like issues, and spine pain.

For more information, call 203-429-4929 or visit specificchiroct.com.