Son shows his love by commissioning artist to paint portrait of his mother

Milford resident, Russell Mallette wanted to leave a legacy and to honor his beloved mother Jean Elizabeth Mallette. He decided to find a portrait artist to paint a portrait of his mom that would honor her and her life.

He found a classically trained master pastelist named Claudia Post. At first meeting Russell knew he found the perfect portraitist for the job.

Claudia Post, now in her late sixties and living in Chester, grew up in Milford and received her early education in Milford.

Russell Mallette was impressed with the visits Post made to the Golden Hill Nursing Home, where Jean Mallette now lives and the attention given to getting to know the subject, creating the proper lighting, and posing the subject the best way possible.

Post even recommended that Jean Elizabeth have a colorful and artistic shawl to wear for her portrait and purchased one from the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York on one of her trips there.

Post said, "Jean has a great appreciation for art and even studied in New York City as a young girl herself. I want her to have a lovely framing for her face."

Russell decided to commission Claudia Post to paint an original portrait of his mother for each of his three other siblings as a gift. Four completely different portraits are being created. Post was impressed with the love, devotion and appreciation Russell has for his mother and family,

What makes Jean Elizabeth Mallette such a wonderful mother? Russell said she has always been sincere and caring with everyone she meets.

The first portrait completed is called "Portrait of Jean Elizabeth" and has just been accepted into (IAPS) the 2013 International Association of Pastel Societies Exhibition Annual 22ND Juried Show in Albuguerque, New Mexico scheduled for June 5-9th.