Some surprises in Board of Aldermen race Tuesday

There were a couple of surprises in the Board of Aldermen race on Election Day.

In the third district, Republican Paula Smith, who had at one point considered running for mayor against Mayor Ben Blake, was not reelected. Frank Smith, a Democrat, won reelection in that district. Democrat Marty Hardiman and Republican Michael Casey took the remaining two seats, leaving Paula Smith out.

The votes were as follows:

Casey, 1053; Paula Smith, 1015; Marty Hardiman, 1195, and Frank Smith 1175.

Another incumbent, Greta Stanford, a Democrat, lost her seat in the first district. Winning in that race were Republicans Brian Bier and Anthony Giannattasio. James Patterson, a Democrat, took Stanford’s seat.

The race was very close however, and as in some other contests, there may be a recount in the Patterson/Stanford race, where there was a only a one-vote difference.

The votes were as follows:

Bier, 1382, Giannattasio, 1384; Stanford, 1250, and Patterson, 1251.

In District 2, the winners were incumbents Janet Golden and Nick Veccharelli, both Democrats. Republican Susan Fontana, a newcomer to the board, took the third seat.

The tallies are as follows:

Ward Willis (R), 948; Fontana, 1052; Golden, 1161 and Veccharelli, 1237.

District 4 remains the same as before the election, with the three incumbents reelected: They are Republican Dan German, and Democrats Philip Vetro and Susan Shaw.

The votes were as follows:

Patrick Tokarz (R), 963; German, 1263; Vetro, 1484, and Shaw, 1443.

In District 5, incumbents Ray Vitalli (R) and Bryan Anderson (D) were reelected. Democrat Dora Kubek took the third spot.

The votes were as follows:

Bill Bevan (R), 1280; Vitalli, 1470; Kubek, 1487, and Anderson, 1471.

The Democrats had a 9-6 majority on the board before the election, and they maintain that 9-6 majority.