Solar panels planned for Margaret Egan Center

A 76-kilowatt solar array is planned for the roof of the city-owned Margaret Egan Center, which would make this the 13th city building with solar panels.
The Planning and Zoning Board voted unanimously at its May 7 meeting to approve an 8-24 referral regarding an agreement between the city and Skyview-Milford LLC to own, operate and maintain a solar array at the Margaret Egan Center, 35 Mathew Street. The center is used for various recreation programs, local club meetings and more.
The P&Z vote was a procedural process known as an 8-24 approval, in which the zoning board provides guidance to the aldermen on matters related to city-owned property. The power purchase agreement between the city and Skyview goes before the Board of Aldermen for consideration at an upcoming meeting.
Matt Coleman of Greenwich spoke to the P&Z on behalf of Skyview, saying the company would own the solar array whose panels would be located on the southern flat section of the building’s roof. He said the 76 kw array is “not a big one,” but is designed to offset electricity use in the building as much as possible.
Coleman said the company completed six solar array projects on schools in 2018 and plans to complete six more on schools this year. He said these projects are bringing the city to close to 2 megawatts of solar power.
Skyview agrees to provide all the electricity generated by the solar array with the city paying the company at a rate of 0.078 cents per kilowatt hour. The city is not required to buy all this energy and “may sell or exchange any energy with any person,” according to the agreement. Coleman said this payment offsets a rate of around 12 cents a kilowatt hour.
The contract calls for a 20-year agreement with a possible extension for two successive five-year terms. After the seventh anniversary date of operation, and every three years thereafter, the city has a right to purchase the solar array from Skyview.