Slossberg wants earlier public notice of development applications

Senator Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford) sent a letter to members of Milford’s Planning and Zoning Commission calling for earlier public notice on local development applications.

Slossberg said by providing earlier notice, the public is more able to get involved in the application process and provide useful insight they have as residents of the communities where these developments would take place.

“In any case where a developer must give public notice, we should require that the notice is given at the earliest reasonable time,” said Slossberg. “I value the knowledge and expertise of the people who live in Milford, and they should be given the fullest opportunity to participate in discussions regarding developments proposed for their neighborhoods. The public should be brought in from the beginning of the discussion, not after everyone else has signed off and agreements have already been reached. Changing this public notification procedure will bring transparency to the process and allow for healthier development in our communities.”