Slossberg slams state approval of Silver Sands construction funds

Milford leaders gathered Tuesday to issue a statement against the state allocating money for construction at Silver Sands State Park.

Nevertheless, on Wednesday, the State Bond Commission voted in favor of spending money on Silver Sands construction, as well as a number of other projects around the state.

Senator Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford) released a statement Wednesday afternoon slamming the State Bond Commission’s decision to approve over $9.1 million for construction at the park.

“Today’s decision was deeply disappointing, but not at all surprising,” Slossberg said. “This project has been widely opposed from the beginning, and that opposition has consistently been ignored. The simple fact is that no one wants this project and the State of Connecticut cannot afford it.

“People from within my district and other communities in Connecticut joined me at Silver Sands yesterday to express their opposition to this ill-conceived project,” Slossberg continued. “They know that the significant construction being pushed through by the state of Connecticut will ruin the tranquil appeal of this beach, which draws visitors from around all the state. Paving over and building on a natural environment does not improve it, it ruins it. Silver Sands is unique in its character, and the proposed construction will ruin that, turning it into the kind of cookie cutter beach that we do not need more of. If people want to go to that beach, they can, but they come to Silver Sands seeking a purely natural environment in which to relax. The state is willing to spend over $9.1 million to take that away.”

Slossberg said she and others will continue fighting this construction.

“We will continue to work to identify ways to stop the damage this project will do to Silver Sands State Park,” Slossberg said.