Sikorsky staying put

While one major employer in Connecticut is leaving, Sikorsky Aircraft plans to stay in Stratford.

News of General Electric’s planned move from Fairfield to Boston raised concerns about Sikorsky’s future. But company spokesman Paul Jackson said last week that Sikorsky is not going anywhere.

“We said on day one as a Lockheed Martin company — and we say again today — we are not leaving Stratford,” Jackson said last Thursday in an email.

Sikorsky Aircraft’s future had been the subject of discussion after Lockheed Martin purchased the helicopter manufacturer from United Technologies Corp. last year. Prior to the sale, UTC announced plans to sell Sikorsky or spin it off into a separate company.

Mayor John Harkins, who said last year that he was informed Sikorsky would stay, said the town should focus on economic development in light of possible departures.
“This is precisely the reason why we must continue to invest so much time and effort on projects like the redevelopment of the Stratford Army Engine Plant here in Stratford,” Harkins said last week. “Saying, ‘We need economic development’ and actually doing it are two different things. In Stratford, we have been successful with job growth and retention. Towns and cities must be sensitive to the needs of their corporate citizens, who provide jobs and tax revenues for the benefit of residents.”