Shwecky Beach Way residents petition for more pleasing road name

The Planning and Zoning Board recently unanimously agreed to a request from the Beach Shore Village Condominium Association to change the name of the road within the project from Shwecky Beach Way to Beach Shore Drive.

The original project developer was Jonathan Shwecky. The project transferred to Beach Village LLC when the current developer foreclosed on the mortgage it held on Shwecky.

“Beach Shore Drive is a nicer name than Shwecky Way and matches the name of the condominiums,” said Attorney Thomas Lynch when presenting to the board, quipping, “I hope Jonathan Shwecky isn’t watching.”

Board Chairman Benjamin Gettinger commented, “It’s also easier to spell.”

City Planner David Sulkis said the road name was originally approved as Beach Shore Drive.

In making the request for the name change, William Schule of Shwecky Beach Way presented a petition signed by residents favoring the name change.