Senate race pits Air Force veteran against Blumenthal

Next week, all residents of Connecticut will have a choice in electing a resident to the U.S. Senate. Included in the Senate race are incumbent Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat known widely as an active Connecticut attorney general before his Senate tenure, and Dan Carter, the Republican challenger who is currently the state representative in District 2, which includes a portion of Redding.

Neither responded to a request for an in-person or phone interview submitted by HAN Network in the last two weeks.

National Security

Carter is a Bethel resident and Air Force veteran whose website paints his campaign as one focused on national security and the economy.

Carter is opposed to the nuclear agreement recently signed with Iran, and believes the United States should increase the size of its military forces.

He believes Democratic policies enacted by President Barack Obama and endorsed by Blumenthal have made “America and Americans, both at home and abroad, more vulnerable than ever before.”

Blumenthal’s website says he is “dedicated to protecting the hard-working men and women at the New London Naval Submarine Base, as well as the high-tech manufacturing workers across Connecticut who provide cutting-edge equipment to our military.”

In June 2016, he went against Democratic norms and voted in favor of an ultimately defeated bill that would have increased “defense spending by $18 billion and boosted by 36 the number of Sikorsky-made helicopters the Army could buy next year,” according to the Connecticut Mirror.

Gun Control

Blumenthal has made increased nationwide gun control measures a keystone issue of his time as senator.

His website includes an open petition that calls on the U.S. Senate and Congress to pass “sweeping” gun control legislation proposed by Democrats, and he said recently to CNN that “banning assault weapons really involves no infringement on Second Amendment rights.”

Carter says he supports the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, and says on his website that politicians like Blumenthal have used events that occurred in Sandy Hook and Orlando “to raise money and support their agenda.”

Carter’s site also notes that he supports “a bill in the U.S. Senate that will limit access to firearms for people who are targeted by federal authorities for suspected terrorist activity.”

The economy

Carter says he believes a balanced national budget, a “predictable tax code” and overall reduction of business regulation will support economic growth in Connecticut and the country.

He accuses Blumenthal of “burying us with taxes [instead of reining in] government spending.”

On his side, Blumenthal says his economic priorities in Washington “include pushing for sound federal policy that helps businesses create and retain good-paying jobs in Connecticut and the United States, and reversing the trend of outsourcing jobs and businesses abroad.”

Health care

During a recent television debate, the Connecticut Post reported, Blumenthal acknowledged that improvements need to be made to Obamacare, but said it would be a disservice to roll back insurance coverage guarantees for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Carter says the problems caused by the health insurance initiative “scream” for the policy to be repealed and replaced with a “solution that ensures all Americans access to the best health care system in the world.”


Blumenthal’s published information says he is a proponent of increased access to pre-K education systems and to the post-high school diplomas needed for many of today’s modern fields.

The senator’s website also says he is “working to alleviate” the $1-trillion student debt load currently shouldered by the country’s young people.

Carter’s website encompasses his views on education policy by stating decisions should be made at the most local level possible.