Seaside Avenue housing vote expected April 5

The Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) deferred any action on a proposed 8-30g affordable housing project at 214-224 Seaside Avenue until its April 5 meeting, which will take place at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.

During the second and final public hearing, which lasted two hours in front of an audience of about 20 people, the board heard testimony from three traffic engineers and the Milford police department regarding driving speeds on Seaside Avenue, and sightlines for the project driveway.

Since the public hearing has been closed, residents may listen to the board’s discussion and anticipated vote on April 5, but residents will not be able to offer any further comments on the project.

Eugenia Debowski of Acworth, Georgia, owns the two adjacent lots with existing single-family homes on Seaside Avenue, just north of Meadowside Road. The properties are zoned R-12.5, requiring lot sizes to be at least 12,500 square feet for one single-family home.

The 0.46-acre property at 214 Seaside Avenue has a 2,100-square-foot home constructed in 1947, while the 0.72-acre lot at 224 Seaside Avenue has an 1,800-square-foot home constructed in 1900. The two properties total 1.18 acres.

The plan has been filed under the state’s 8-30g affordable housing law, which supersedes local zoning regulations. Should the P&Z deny the project, it would have to prove the project poses a hazard to public health, safety or welfare, a threat that outweighs the need for affordable housing.

Jeffrey Gordon, landscape architect, site planner, and president of Codespoti & Associates, designed the plans to add seven two-bedroom cottages to the rear of the existing properties at 214-224 Seaside Avenue. He said each would be about 1,200 square feet and be built around a center courtyard. The cottages would have sprinklers.

The project would include 10 garage parking spaces and 12 surface parking spaces. The property would have a driveway and parking lot between the two existing houses.

Check back for complete details about the March hearing.