Seaside Avenue housing hearing postponed

Due to a defect in the legal notice, a Planning and Zoning Board public hearing on a proposed nine unit housing complex with an affordable component at 214-224 Seaside Avenue has been postponed to the board's March 1 meeting, which will take place at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.

At the start of the board's Feb. 2 meeting, city planner David B. Sulkis explained that public hearings have to be advertised. He said the Feb. 2 notice had a "defect" because it said that the plan called for duplex units. In fact the proposed seven new units would each be single-family dwellings.

Board chairman Anthony Sutton announced that the proposal would be tabled until the March 1 meeting. Sutton invited the approximate 50 people in the audience to stay for the rest of the meeting. At that point they all promptly got up and filed out of the room. The meeting ended in less than 15 minutes, as the board had no other proposals to consider.

Jeffrey Gordon, landscape architect, site planner, and president of Codespoti & Associates shared information about the plans following the meeting. Gordon described the new buildings as two-bedroom cottages and said each would be about 1200 square feet. He said the project would include 10 garage parking spaces and 12 surface parking spaces.

The property would have a driveway and parking lot between the two existing houses.

Gordon said one of the existing houses would be designated for rental as an affordable unit. Two of the new cottages would also be designated for rental at affordable rates. He said rents for the affordable units would be determined based on state guidelines, but he estimated that they would rent for between $1,100 and $1,400 a month.

He said this property is located within a half mile of the Milford train station. Gordon said this would be in keeping with the suggestion to have a special housing zone within that half mile radius of the train station.

Gordon said he supported the change to the board's March 1 meeting, rather than the next meeting, scheduled for Feb. 16, because the board will be continuing its public hearing on the proposal from Grillo for a leaf and brush recycling facility on West Avenue.