Schools will announce this afternoon if they will open Monday

Milford school officials said they have received many calls from parents wondering if school will be in session on Monday. On their website, administrators say they expect a final decision will be made by Sunday afternoon.

“The district will communicate with families as soon as the decision has been made using our SchoolMessenger system. We will also post the info on the district website.”
If school is in session on Monday, the menu at the elementary and middle schools for school lunch will be served -- but the menu offerings have been slightly altered.
Elementary School Menu
Chicken Patty on a Wheat Bun with Lettuce & Tomato
Bagel & Yogurt
Tuna Goldfish Sandwich
Middle School Menu
Rib-B-Que on a Wheat Bun
Made-to-Order Boar’s Head Deli Sandwiches