Schools opt to close for Presidential Primary day, April 26

Milford officials have decided to close the public schools on Tuesday, April 26, for the Presidential Preference Primary since several of the schools are used as polling places.
“This request was made by the Registrars of Voters office, and the Board of Education unanimously approved the request at the BOE meeting on Monday evening,” School Supt. Dr. Elizabeth Feser announced in an email to school staff.

Dr. Feser said the decision was made to ensure the safety of students and staff.

“Voter turnout is expected to be significant this year and not having school in session on that day will enable election officials and voters to conduct the election smoothly and without added complication,” Dr. Feser said.

She said the schools will have to add another in-session day to the end of the school calendar, “similar to the practice we use for inclement weather school closures.”

As a result, the last day of school is expected to be Friday, June 10.