Schools asked to reconsider ban on Halloween parades

School Board Chairman Susan Glennon said she has asked that Milford’s elementary school principals reconsider a ban on Halloween parades and costumes.

Glennon said a decision to ban Halloween attire and parades this year was not a board decision, but rather a decision made by Milford’s elementary school principals.

“When I became aware of the decision I asked [School Supt. Dr. Elizabeth] Feser to inform the board of it, which she did, and today I asked her to speak to the principals about reconsidering their decision,” Glennon said.

Other media outlets have said the principals made the decision in an attempt to honor the various religions and cultures that are present in Milford’s schools.

A number of local parents are angry about the decision and have started a petition to reverse it.

The petition at, started by Rebecca Lilly, had more than 1,000 supporters at 1 p.m. Monday.

“I was shocked to find out our annual Halloween parade has been discontinued throughout our district,” the petition page reads. “This is just not right. Growing up in America there are certain traditions and celebrations we have become accustomed to celebrating at home and during school!”

“These are our American customs and traditions and we should not have to give them up because others find them offensive! I'm so tired on my kids missing out on some of the things we all got to do as children and are some of the greatest childhood memories I have due to others saying they find it offensive.”

Democratic Town Committee Chairman Rich Smith sent a letter to the local media Monday decrying the ban. He said he believes the ruling may be reversed.

“I understand their intention was to show respect for different cultures and practices but in doing so they are denying these same children an opportunity to learn and participate in a long standing American custom,” Smith said. “This does work both ways. Unfortunately, this is an example of political correctness going too far.”

Smith said he recalls his own days in elementary school, participating in the Halloween parade and how much he and the other students looked forward to marching through the other classrooms in costumes.

“Let school be fun again,” Smith wrote. “Let our children wear their costumes and march through their schools. Reverse this well intentioned but misdirected policy decision immediately.”