School superintendent gets 1.5% raise

With ample praise, the Milford Board of Education extended School Supt. Dr. Elizabeth Feser’s contract another year, to June 30, 2015, and gave her a 1.5% raise.
Feser has been earning a base salary of $185,000. The raise brings her salary to $187,775.

Feser was hired April of 2011, and her contract previously ran through 2014. She replaced former School Supt. Harvey Polansky.
Dr. Feser’s new contract was approved by a 6 to 4 board vote Monday night. Four Board of Education members voted against it. Christopher Saley (D) and Earl Whiskeyman (D) said they voted ‘no’ because they wanted to see less of a pay increase, and Mark Stapleton (R) and Suzanne DeBiase (R) opposed the new contract because they said she deserved more.
“I think Dr. Feser does an excellent job,” Saley said, “but I’m conscious of the economy and the taxpayers. Earl and I feel the same way, but we’re both very happy with Dr. Feser.”
Stapleton announced before the vote on the contract that he was against it because he thinks Dr. Feser deserves more than a 1.5% raise.
“I though we should give her a more significant increase,” Stapleton said.
Chairman Tracy Casey (D), commenting after the meeting, said she is writing Dr. Feser’s performance assessment, and it is very positive.
The new contract takes effect July 1.
Feser served as superintendent of the Windsor public schools before coming to Milford.
Before her work in Windsor, she served eight years as assistant superintendent of schools in the New Canaan public school district. Earlier, she was principal of Danbury High School, and before that she taught in both public and parochial schools.
She received her bachelor's degree in theology and history at St. Xavier College (Chicago) in 1971, followed by a master's degree in religious education from Boston College in 1976. After working in the school setting for several years, Feser received her master's and doctoral degrees in education administration from Columbia University in 1985.