School board majority leader resigns post

Board of Education Majority Leader Laura Fucci (D) has resigned from the board in light of complaints by Republicans that she moved out of the Fifth District.

Fucci maintained that she has not finished moving to her new home, but decided to resign anyway prior to tonight’s meeting, where the board may vote on the 2015-16 budget.

Milford Republican Town Committee Chairman Paul Beckwith recently called upon Fucci to step down immediately from the board due to a residence issue.

“City land records and property transfers confirm that Laura Fucci is no longer residing within the Fifth District which she was elected to represent,” Beckwith said. “The City Charter is clear: Elected officials must reside within the designated boundaries of the district they were elected to represent.”

Smith confirmed that Fucci bought a house in the Fourth District, but he said she hadn't completely moved into that house yet.

Smith said Fucci was going to wait to resign until she had finished moving, but it “was getting ugly,” he said,  and Fucci decided to resign now to avoid any challenges if she were to vote on the budget tonight.

Fucci cannot be replaced tonight because she can only be replaced at a regular school board meeting. Tonight’s meeting is a budget workshop, and it starts at 7 p.m. at the Parsons Complex.

Following is the text of Fucci's resignation letter to Board Chairman Susan Glennon:

It was my understanding that as long as I was a registered voter and owner of my home in the 5th District; I could continue to serve as a Milford Board of Education member for that district as I transitioned to my new home. I have always intended to resign when my family sold our home there.

One of the measures of establishing residency is where the voter's heart and interests lie. My family may have purchased a new home for personal reasons, as the Board of Education member from the 5th District, my heart and interests are with the residents of the 5th District and the students of Milford.

Upon seeking advice from legal counsel, while the definition of residency is a grey area, I do not wish anyone to question or challenge this budget vote.

Therefore, effective January 21, 2015, please accept my resignation from the Milford Board of Education. It has been an honor to serve Milford Public Schools.