Schick commercial will air during Super Bowl

There will be a 30-second commercial from a Milford-based company — Schick — during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

According to Milford Chamber of Commerce President Kathleen Alagno, the Schick commercial will be the first in the fourth quarter.

“The ad will feature the Schick Hydro Robot Razor going head-to-head in battle with the competition,” a company promo states.

The following report is posted at the AdvertisingAge website at

“Schick has a late entry into the Super Bowl to back an improvement to its Hydro 5 razors, moving plans for a new global campaign up a week after the Edgewell Personal Care Co. brand confirmed the buy with CBS yesterday.

“The 30-second spot is set to run during the first break of the fourth quarter, backing a major improvement to Hydro 5 cartridges, including an upgraded, patented ‘Hydrating Gel Reservoir’ that Schick says helps create 40% less friction than blades with ‘lube strips’.”

Cheering for the hometown company, Alagno said, “Go Milford!!!”

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