Sand sculpture winners named: Slideshow from event

It was a beautiful day for the annual Milford Art Council's Sandcastle Competition at Walnut Beach.

Saturday was sunny and hot, and a steady wind kept participants cool.

Organizers said there were about 50 entries this year, and more spectators than in recent years.

Award Winners
 9 and under
1st   _Kai and Annalise__, __Scooby's Mansion__

2nd  _Hope Moran____, __Breakfast_

3rd  __Aria O'Connor____, __Elsa's Castle____

10 – 15
1st   _Jourdan____, ___Octopus____

2nd  _Aldo Fernandez__, ___The Boat_____

3rd  _Nicole Taylor____, ___Octopus_____

16 and over

1st   _Bridgit Connors__, __Grateful Death__

2nd  _Maria Caporale___, __Baby D.J.T.________

3rd  __Ellen Wissner_____, __Cuthulu Emerging____

Friends /Clubs
1st   _Jacqui and Lindsey___, __Cat-a-way____

2nd  _Milford Robotics____, _”Shrocket______

3rd  _The Bonno, Gomes, Glynn and Alves Friends__, __Batter Up Milford__

1st   _The McPherson and Sidell Family__, _”Godzilla Smash___

2nd  _Burgess Family _, __Wonderland___

3rd  _Swett Family ____, _”Iron Giant______

Best in Show
_Mike McCarvill and Friends__, _”Sealed with a Kiss”

People’s Choice
_Mike McCarvill and Friends__, _”Sealed with a Kiss”