Sailboat runs aground at sandbar

UPDATE: A damaged sailboat was hauled from the waters off Charles Island after getting stuck on the sandbar around midday Wednesday.
At around 2 p.m, the overturned boat sat nearly atop the sandbar, looking from a distance like a beached whale.
A fisherman at the scene said the sailboat was being maneuvered in the area of the sandbar when it got stuck. A salvage boat came to pull the sailboat out, but instead flipped the sailboat over, the fisherman said. Sources said the boat's keel was broken.

Firefighters on the scene said no one was injured. A rescue vessel on the scene was reportedly checking on reports that the flipped boat might be leaking diesel fuel into Long Island Sound. Sources, however, said if there was a leak it was minor.
A boat from Milford Boat Works, a nearby marina, towed the sailboat from the scene early that evening.