SUV crashes through package store, lands inside

No one was injured Thursday evening when an SUV plowed through a large front window of the Crushed Grape, a wine and spirit shop at 254 Melba Street.

Chris Zak of the Milford Fire Department said he believes the SUV was parked in front of the building when the driver started it up and put it in the wrong gear, sending it through the window and into the store.

One person on the scene said the driver was an older woman who thought she was in reverse.

"She ended up inches from the counter," the witness said. "Two patrons were in line. One was struck but not hurt. An employee was behind the counter. She said she thought the roof was collapsing."

The witness added that it looked like the car had driven perfectly alongside the counter, "like a drive-thru."

Zak said no one was injured and that the store suffered little structural damage, though the glass front was destroyed.

The scene was a bit of a sight, however, as the SUV sat inside the beach-area shop. Onlookers gathered as a tow truck hauled the vehicle from the building at about 6 p.m.