SUBWAY® Operations to Join Sandwich Makers on National Sandwich Day

To celebrate National Sandwich Day, Nov. 3, SUBWAY®'s Operations Team, which supports over 44,000 franchises globally, will be working alongside Milford Sandwich Artists®. The Operations Team will be making sandwiches and interacting with area customers at four Milford restaurants and several more in the Greater New Haven area.

“We were looking at this as another great opportunity for members of the HQ Operations Team to go into some of the local restaurants and see first-hand what is happening in the stores,” said Frank Buffone, the brand’s Senior Manager of Restaurant Operations and a former SUBWAY Sandwich Artist™. “I always thought our Sandwich Artists are the fastest, friendliest and most helpful restaurant workers in the Quick Service Restaurant industry. We welcome the opportunity to work and learn from the best.”
Buy One/Give One
On November 3, SUBWAY® is offering a Buy One, Give One event where any customer who purchases a Footlong or six inch sub with a 30 oz drink will receive an additional sub of equal or lesser value to give to a family member, friend, colleague, or someone in need. SUBWAY® officials said in a press release that they hope to inspire workers to join the #SaveLunchBreak movement.

SUBWAY® recently commissioned a survey* to uncover consumer insights on the current lunch habits of working professionals in North America. The key findings of the survey are:

·         Seven in ten works take a lunch break that is fewer than 30 minutes

·         20% of millennials take fewer than 15 minutes for lunch, compared to 11% of GenX

·         More than half of all workers wish they could take a nap during lunch, with millennials leading the way over Gen Xers (57% vs. 46%)

·         49% feel they would snack less and make better meal choices if they took a lunch break

“We discovered that people around the country are experiencing ‘recess withdrawal’ and rarely taking lunch,” said Lanette Kovachi, corporate dietitian for SUBWAY®. “As a result, we saw the opportunity to champion a ‘Fresh Take’ on the lunch break and encourage our consumers to replenish their mind and body by taking a breather before the afternoon ahead.”

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