MILFORD — Retired Fire Chief Louis LaVecchia will receive an annual $100,537 pension, along with a one-time payment of $53,164 for unused vacation and compensatory time.

City Attorney Jon Berchem released LaVecchia’s pension and benefits information to the Register Wednesday after a Freedom of Information request was filed.

According to documents, LaVecchia earned $111,386 in 2008-09, $113,256 in 2009-10 and $120,926 in 2011-12. His pension is based on his three highest income years.

By retiring, LaVecchia will receive $100,537 over the next year, which will be paid in monthly increments of $8,378.

As part of his contract, the 16-year fire chief will receive $17,641 for terminal leave, $23,010 for unused vacation time and $11,505 for comp time.

LaVecchia also received a $1,006 payout for having perfect attendance, according to documents obtained from the city.

In a brief phone interview, LaVecchia said Fire Department employees never received payouts for unused sick time.

In the Police Department, some police officials, who were hired before 1990, have been able to cash out unused sick time when they retired.

LaVecchia said in his 40 years with the department, he always “worked hard” on behalf of residents.

He said he is proud of his record, which includes the department being ranked among the best in the nation.

The chief officially retired Oct. 27. At the time, Mayor Ben Blake credited LaVecchia for his leadership and the department’s ranking.

Milford is one of just two fire departments in the state with a maximum Class 1 rating, according to the Insurance Services Office Public Protection Classification. The system measures a department’s ability to fight fires.

The Board of Fire Commissioners has hired Assistant Chief Robert Healey to serve as interim fire chief while the commission searches for a new chief.