Respect women

March is a month we’ve long waited for. We’re hoping that spring will soon free us from the grip of Old Man Winter and allow us to soak in the warmth of the sun. We should also remember that March is Women’s History Month. We should take some time to salute female pioneers, including Susan B. Anthony, Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa, and the thousands of women who have helped make the United States and the world a better place.
We should also remember to honor and respect the women closest to us. Our mothers, for caring for us from birth and then long after childhood is over. Our grandmothers, for spoiling us with kisses and cookies. Our sisters, nieces and cousins, for being our biggest cheerleaders and sometimes best friends. Our wives, for being the best partners we could ask for. And all the women in our lives whether in the office or in our neighborhoods.
Beyond honoring them, we should also listen to them in times of distress and treat them with respect at all times. It will set a great example for the next generation of history makers.