Residents invited to see new lights at Washington Field

Residents are invited to Washington Field Wednesday for a demonstration of the new lighting system.
Mayor Benjamin G. Blake announced Tuesday that Milford has purchased and installed a lighting control system to monitor and manage the recreational lighting at the field. “No longer will you see empty softball fields lit up during a rainstorm,” Blake said.

The system is designed to help control, monitor and manage recreational field lighting. The most unique feature is that the system can be controlled remotely by computer or phone, which allows the lights to be operated more efficiently, resulting in savings, officials said.
According to Director of Recreation, Paul Piscitelli, “This system will give us the ability to turn the lights off early, when inclement weather cancels games during the course of the night, eliminating those instances when the lights are on and no games are being played.”
The system, which was purchased with funds from the Federal Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant, and at no cost to taxpayers, will result in annual electricity savings of approximately $1,650. In addition to the energy reductions, the ability to control the field's lighting schedules from the internet, email, phone, or fax, are expected to reduce staff costs for the city.
Milford plans to expand the program to better control all its outdoor recreational lighting, including the lights at Fowler Field and Eisenhower tennis courts.
A demonstration of the technology will be held at Washington Field on Wednesday, June 20, at 4 p.m. All are invited t o attend.