Residents invited to inauguration in Milford tonight

An inauguration ceremony will take place Monday, Nov. 16, at 7 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in the Parsons Government Center.

Mayor Ben Blake will be sworn in to a third term as mayor and Joanne Rohrig will be sworn in as returning City Clerk.

Also, committee and board members elected during the Nov. 3 election will be sworn in.

Milford’s inauguration ceremonies typically include a bit of pomp and circumstance.

All Milford residents are invited to attend.

Following is the list of winners in the Tuesday, Nov. 3 election in Milford, and therefore the list of people who will be sworn in at the inauguration.

Mayoral: Benjamin Blake

City Clerk: Joanne M. Rohrig

Board of Aldermen

Anthony Giannattasio (R) – 1 st District

Ellen Beatty (D)- 1 st District

Brian Bier (R)- 1 st District

Jeremy Grant (R)- 2 nd District

Nick Veccharelli (D)– 2 nd District

Janet A. Golden (D) – 2 nd District

Michael Casey (R) – 3 rd District

Frank Smith (D) – 3 rd District

Martin Hardiman (D) – 3 rd District

Dan German (R) – 4 th District

Philip J. Vetro (D) – 4 th District

Susan Shaw (D)- 4 th District

Raymond G. Vitali (R)– 5 th District

Bryan Anderson (D)- 5 th District

Bill Bevan (R) – 5 th District

Board of Education:

John DeRosa (R) – 1 st District

Michael DeGrego (R) - 1 st District

Susan Glennon (D) – 2 nd District

Jennifer Federico (D) – 2 nd District

Thomas A. Jagodzinski (R) – 3 rd District

Susan C. Krushinsky (R) – 3 rd District

Earl Whiskeyman (D) – 4 th District

Jess Gregory (D) – 4 th District

Suzanne DiBiase (R) – 5 th District

Claire Casey (D) – 5 th District

Planning & Zoning

Thomas P. Panzella (R) – 1 st District

Scott F. Marlow (R) – 2 nd District

Edward D. Mead (R) – 3 rd District

Richard Lutz (D) – 4 th District

John L. Grant (R) – 5 th District


Linda Hardiman (D) Shirley Serrano (R) George Marshall (R) Steven T. Visconti (R) Peter Smith (D) Joan Rousseau (D) John Moffitt (D)