Residents invited to help clean newest Land Trust property

Residents are invited to join the Milford Land Conservation Trust cleaning up its newest site from 9 a.m. to noon June 29.
Volunteers will meet at the northern part of Bonsilene Street to clean up the 2.5-acre parcel of habitat donated by the Hubbard family.
“To effectively conserve the Hubbard Parcel, we need to remove trash, illegally dumped debris, and invasive plant species from the site,” said Trust member Bryan Anderson. “Come get to know us, learn about Milford land conservation, and help us protect this important habitat.”
The Hubbard Parcel is a wooded property overlooking coastal wetland habitat in Woodmont. The parcel provides habitat for songbirds—including mourning doves, grackles, and catbirds—and other wildlife.
Native plants, such as cottonwood, black walnut, and wild grape, compete with invasive plants like multiflora rose, knotweed, and garlic mustard.
Anderson said a combination of illegal dumping and leftover debris from Hurricane Sandy pose additional threats to the site’s native plants and animals. Cleaning up the site will help preserve the habitat for wildlife and the community.
Volunteers should bring gardening/work gloves.
For more information, email