Residents can now watch city meetings on YouTube

The Milford Government Access Television (MGAT) Committee has created its own channel on YouTube so that everyone can now view previously recorded meetings of the Board of Aldermen, Board of Education, Planning and Zoning Commission and other governmental bodies, as well as civic activities, when they want to and where they want to, using whatever internet connection and device they have available.

The new channel can be accessed by visiting and typing in “Milford Government Access.” This channel now contains all meetings, events and activities previously broadcast by MGAT in 2015. Meetings are listed in chronological order, as well as grouped in playlists by entity: such as Board of Aldermen; Board of Education; etc, according to a MGAT press release.

More content will be added continually. Viewers may subscribe to the channel to receive notifications when new videos are posted. Links to videos may be shared on social networks and via email.

“The YouTube channel will supplement MGAT’s current practice of broadcasting live governmental and educational meetings on its Cablevision Channels 78 and 79 and rebroadcasting them on these channels. Frontier Communications also broadcasts governmental meetings after they occur, for the benefit of its subscribers,” MGAT said.

The MGAT Committee is chaired by Al May, and composed of Vice Chairman Barbara Genovese, Matt Gaynor, David Casey, and Kara Flannery. Arney Rogoff serves as the MGAT line producer.

“The MGAT YouTube Channel will be available to anyone with an Internet connection, including both Cablevision and Frontier customers,” said May. “Our goal in creating this channel is to promote transparency in our local government and educational system by making it easier for local citizens to stay informed on what is going on in their local government.”

The MGAT Committee chairman also thanked Committee Member Kara Flannery and Line Producer Arney Rogoff for their work in creating this new feature.

Milford Mayor Benjamin Blake expressed his appreciation for the new YouTube Channel: “Thank you to MGAT and Kara Flannery for the incredible efforts it took to bring this project to completion,” Blake said. “This new public forum provides residents even better access to commission meetings and local televised events. There is no better way to connect to our community than by watching how our local government is working to make Milford an even stronger and healthier place to live.”

The MGAT YouTube Channel banner features an aerial photo of City Hall, contributed by local photographer Jesse Thompson of Milford Photo. “The MGAT Committee is grateful to Mr. Thompson for this donation,” May said.

MGAT is funded by the City of Milford and a grant from Cablevision, administered by the Area 2 Cable Advisory Council which serves, in addition to Milford, the communities of Fairfield, Orange and Woodbridge.

Effective this month, MGAT is also accepting tax-deductible contributions from viewers. These funds will enable MGAT to expand coverage beyond what its budget currently allows, MGAT officials said. Donation checks can be made out to “City of Milford” and sent to the Director of Finance, City of Milford, 70 West River Street, Milford, CT 06460. It should be noted on the check that it is a “Donation for MGAT.”